Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Litspiration Challenge #3: Theme

Hey everyone! Today we are going to share with you our poster that we created for our third litspiration challenge on theme. I hope you like it.

Also, if the poster wasn't clear enough, the purple clouds are about friendship, and the red ones are about equality.

Theme statement: A corrupt world is a world without friendship and equality. Corruption will bring us down, but peace will build us up.

When Matt was with the Keepers, Matt starts to bond with a few characters. They go through tough moments together, which shows the importance of friendship. pg. 287

When Matt is with the Keepers he gets accepted like a normal kid because they don't know that he's a clone. pg. 266

After Matt becomes friends with Chaco and Fidelito they begin to trust each other. When Jorge accuses Matt of being a zombie, Matt's friends refuse to believe him (what Jorge says). pg. 321, 357

In the book, Tam Lin and Matt develop a father-like-son relationship This proves to be a large portion of the book. Because of the bond between the two, Matt has the knowledge he needs to escape, which is a big plot-point. Without friendship, many things aren't possible. pg. 149

There was some inequality in The Big House. If you weren’t treated well, it was because you didn’t belong to El Patrón. That being said if you were his you never left. No one was of the same value as El Patrón. – Page 274, 169 and 170

When Matt is in the plankton factory he is treated as an equal to the other boys. To the Keepers though Matt and the boys are like dust under a bed. – Page 286 and 287

Have you read The House of The Scorpion? What did you think that the theme was? Leave a comment below. ~Brianna, Ivana, Omar, Darren, Curtis

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