Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Our Most Awesome Litspiration Challenge Is....

Which of our three litspiration challenges is "the most awesome"?
We chose our third challenge that was on theme. In this challenge we created an interactive poster which you can see by clicking here.

Why does it stand out from the others?
It's easiest to tell what is going on due to the multiple photos, in-depth inquiry, and neat organization put all in one place. It's also visually appealing to the eye with lots of colour and nice drawings. You can also interact with it, which makes it more alluring to viewers.

Why do we think it's our best challenge?
It's well organized and neat. We can read the writing and tell what the drawings were. It was also well thought out --> there was much more planning that took place. This challenge's labour was split equally between all of our group members. Cutting, drawing, gluing, writing, et-cetera.

What could've been improved?
The colours were a bit off sometimes. The white house in the book was green on the poster, and we could've included some more brighter colours such as yellow or orange. Not only were the colours a bit inaccurate sometimes, so was a drawing - the scorpion. It was a bit hard to tell what is was exactly. Also, some people were doing off-task things at times, although once they got back on task, we all worked equally.

Thanks for reading and visiting our blog! I hope you enjoyed our Scorpion Project blog. For more literature studies, visit our separate blogs on the top bar. Again, thanks so much, and happy reading.

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