Sunday, 28 April 2013

Litspiration Challenge #2: Character Playlist

Hello everyone! Today we are here to share with you our character playlist of Maria from our novel study book, The House of The Scorpion. Click here to listen to our round-table that we had when choosing the character. Also, be sure to check out for our full project requirements. Another thing to note is that Curtis was absent in our final class that we had in making this playlist, so he didn't have the opportunity to come up with any of the songs. Therefore, Ivana came up with two extra songs to include in this post, but every individual was contributing equally to brainstorming. It just so happened that Ivana's songs got included. Anyways, enough chatter. Enjoy!

1. Misery by Maroon 5 - Ivana

I chose this song because it talks about how they are in misery and Maria seems to be in misery a lot (Farmer 109, 110, 163, 164). The song says, "Why do you do what you do to me?" and "I am in misery and there ain't nobody who can comfort me".

2. Just Give Me A Reason by P!NK - Darren

I chose this song because Maria feels that Matt does not have a good enough reason to talk to her. She needed a reason to let Matt talk to her and on several occasions maria will ignore Matt. (farmer chapter 12) Then Maria was tricked into talking with Matt at the hospital.In the song they (pink and fun) talk about learning to love again.

3. Far Away by Nickelback - Omar

I picked this song because this song relates to Matt and Maria being far away from each other especially in the song when they said “Too long Too late Who Was I To Make You Wait” when they say this I can relate that to when Matt tries to talk to Maria but Maria keeps ignoring Matt but in the end Maria forgives Matt.

4. When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars - Brianna

I chose this song because when Maria found out the truth about Furball (Farmer 163) she realizes that she was wrong about Matt. I think that she felt a bit depressed and realized that she should have appreciated Matt a bit more when she had the chance.

5. I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift - Ivana

I chose this song Maria is told that Matt is trouble (Farmer 27) but she still is a friend to Matt, but she still gets hurt in many cases (Most cases are because of Tom but is blamed on Matt).

6. Even If It Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band - Darren

I chose this song because Maria knew that it would break Matt's heart even if she were to stop talking to him and ignore him. But she still did it even if it were to Break his heart. This song is very sad and emotional just like Maria.

7. Ice by Lights - Ivana

I chose this song it talks about how she just wants to see some emotion and something nice from the other person but all she feels is cold, like when Matt made Maria kiss him on page 109-110, she was made and felt as if Matt was really mean and cold.

8. Here Without You by Doors Down - Omar

I chose this song because Matt and Maria miss each other and are waiting for both of their arrivals to come, “Maria threw her arms around him and gave him a big kiss then said that she missed him.” (Farmer 155) They love each other and they care for each other, and this song expresses the songs says that “all the miles they separate” that means that they separated for a long time and barely saw each other much.

9. Fool That I Am by Adele - Brianna

I chose this song because it’s about being a fool for falling in love. I think that Maria feels that way about Matt. She began to fall in love with him shortly after she meets him. It goes on and off after that, but she especially didn’t like Matt when all evidence pointed to him. When he was thought to have been murdered by Matt, she avoided him. I think she would be feeling like a fool in this situation for falling for him earlier on in life.

There is no link to the song from this photo. Adele didn't officially upload it on YouTube so there is no way to share it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

10. Part of Me by Katy Perry - Ivana

I chose this song because in the book when “Matt” upset her she walks away and avoids him at all costs, just as the song says “Days like this I want to drive away, pack my bags and watch your shadow fade. Although she can’t leave on her own but  she wants to when she doesn’t want to see Matt.

I hope you enjoyed listening to our character playlist for Maria from The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. Happy reading!

P.S. We do not own ANY of the photos in this post. Below is where we have gotten these photos. - Far Away

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Round Table Discussion #4: Character Playlist

Hey guys this is our fourth roundtable were we are deciding on which character we are going to use for our character playlist.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Round Table Discussion #3: Middle Ages

Hello everybody here is our round table discussion #3. Hope you guys like it, we will try to cut down the time a lot

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Litspiration Challenge #1: Setting

Hello everyone. Today we decided to post a litspiration challenge on setting. Look out for more posts like this to come. :)

To explain setting we decided to create El Patron's house out of candy. We decided to do this because it's an original idea, and there are a whole bunch of connections that we can make between candy and the book. El Patron's house was the prime place to create because it is the setting that we have seen the most of so far in our reading.

The things that we used to create this house were marshmallows, toothpicks, nerds, broccoli and sharkies. Now let us explain.

We used marshmallows and the toothpicks for the exterior structure because they are just like different parts of a house. The marshmallows can be compared to cement, as they are sticky at first, but when they are set out for long periods of time they harden. Toothpicks are like the supports holding up the building. Also the toothpicks are like the walls in the house.

Then we made an arch like the book described on page 21. We put a sharkie on it as well, like the scorpion was on the actual book. We chose sharkies because both sharks and scorpions are deadly to humans. Also, sharkies come in the colour red which can represent how dangerous scorpions are, and it's like the cover of the book.

Broccoli was used for the trees because they are leafy. On a second note broccoli is healthy and gives us the nutrients that we need to live. Trees give us oxygen which is also vital to live. Another connection is that they change colour when they are exposed for too long in the wrong conditions. This can explain how long Matt stayed as a prisoner in the house. It's like the seasons changing!

Nerds were placed on the trees because they are like oranges. Both are sweet and come in the colour orange. Nerds come in other colours as well, and oranges can also be different colours when they become rotten. The pink nerd that we placed on the tree is like the rotten orange that Matt threw at Tom when he was angry.

I hope you enjoyed!

~ Brianna, Ivana, Omar, Darren and Curtis

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Round Table Discussion: Author Choices/Front Matter

Hope you guys like our first round table discussion. I got the widget so here is the better way of sharing it.